5 Must-Have Items You Should Always Keep By Your Side This Summer

Summer is already here, and I can't hide my excitement. I love summer. I love spending time outdoors as much as I can.  

Yes, this summer is a bit different from previous ones since we are very limited with our activities, considering Covid-19 is still very active. Most of the trips we all planned are canceled. But who said staycation couldn't be fun and thrilling?

Explore the nature surrounding you, make the most out of the time you have in the city you live in. Honestly, I have so much to learn about the city I'm living in, so I am quite excited about this opportunity, and I tend to enjoy it as much as possible.

To enjoy your summer to the max, you must equip yourself with a lot of good moods and few essential things that will always stay in the reach of your hands. I’ve listed those items below, so let's get going.

5 Must-Have Items For Summer



The welfare of your skin should always be your priority. Nothing can harm your skin more than UV rays, so make sure you protect yourself from them as much as you can. You should take care of your skin hydration throughout the year, but if you don't wear sunscreen during hot summer days, all that effort will be lost.

Find the one that will offer you complete skincare, so you need not use any other skin product and let your skin breathe. The most important thing is to stick with it. By sticking to it, I literally mean stick to it; wear it with you all the time. The best way is to keep it in your bag so you can be sure it will always be with you when you need to re-apply it. 


A woman with Sunglasses

Most of us wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Unfortunately, many still don't get how much more sunglasses are than they appear. Wearing sunglasses is very important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, especially during long summer days when the sun kicks in with full power.

If you are aware of how hazardous the sun can be for our skin (spots, lines, premature aging, etc.), you can't ignore that the sun is just as damaging to the fragile organs such as your eyes. So be responsible for your health and combine fashion with care for the best results.

Portable charger

A person holding Portable charger

A flat phone battery can ruin your day, and unfortunately, I am the queen of flat batteries. To be more accurate, I was the queen of flat batteries since I finally purchased a portable charger to stay connected all day. 

The portable charger is so small that you can easily carry it around in your bag without even noticing it. If you still don't own one, make sure you purchase this handy gadget right this moment; you will not regret it, believe me.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

This year is quite tough on all of us, keeping in mind Covid-19 still rages everywhere you go and threatens our lives. Yes, it sucks since we all had to change our plans because of this pandemic monster, but that does not mean you should give up and stay locked in your house 24/7. Stay cautious and keep your distance and never leave the house without hand sanitizer by your side.

Water bottle

Sunflower water bottles

Lastly, staying hydrated is the most important thing, especially during the summer, when the temperatures are very high, and we lose a lot of body fluids through perspiration, movement, and breathing. The problem is that many won't pay attention to the amount of water they intake daily, which can be fatal.

The best way to stay hydrated all the time is to use a reusable water tracker bottle . This handy bottle will help you handle water-tracking problems since it will remind you to drink enough water every day. You can fill it with water or any other beverage of your choice and carry it around with you wherever you go.


I hope you will find this short list of mine very helpful. I know these five simple items helped me organize my days better, so they are naturally less stressful. In the end, there are still a few words I would like to share with you.

Stay hydrated. Keep the physical distance according to the recommendations of WHO. Keep your hands clean all the time. And last and most important, stay optimistic because everything's gonna be alright. Of course, if there are some essential items I forgot to mention, please leave the recommendation in the comments below.