6 Advantages of 64Hydro Plastic Water Bottles

64Hydro plastic water bottles are popular for many activities, such as exercising, hiking, camping and going to the gym. There is no limit to where our bottles fit in. Whatever activity you can think of, you can confidently take our water bottles with you.

The benefits of reusable water bottles are many. Our bottles are durable, so reduce plastic waste going into the environment. But durability is only one of the many benefits of our water bottles.

64Hydro plastic water bottles are safe and practical. There are many more reasons you may not be aware of to choose 64Hydro bottles as your go-to bottle of choice.

You also may not be aware of the benefits of the plastic our bottles are made out of, which is high quality and BPA free plastic . We would love to show you some of the benefits, and we think you’ll be surprised at some of them. 

Advantages of 64hydro Plastic Bottles

1. Light and Portable

An woman putting a bottle into her bag
  • Many people choose plastic because it’s lightweight.
  • Our bottles are light, so can be popped in your bag and easily carried. No more heavy bottles banging around in your pack, weighing you down.
  • Because they are light, you can buy a bunch of our bottles to give to your friends and family. You won’t have to worry about expensive shipping costs.
  • High quality means the bottle won’t shatter if you drop it. This makes it ideal for sports and outdoor activity.
  • Thanks to the strap at the neck, you can use the bottle with one hand.

2. Safe and BPA-free

A person holding a bottle with their hand
  • Single-use water bottles are bad for the environment. They are also harmful to your health because they may leak chemicals.
  • Our bottles are BPA-free. We use high quality plastic to ensure they are as safe as can be, and lightweight.
  • Our bottles are suitable for hot water as well as infusions.
  • There are no harmful chemicals in our bottles. This means no strange smells in your water or funky taste.

3. No Scratches

An woman holding her bottle
  • Dents and scratches will appear on low quality plastic bottles, even after just a little bit of use. It makes them look old and tired.
  • 64 Hydro bottles remain free of scratches and dents with just a little care. You can wash them with a cloth or brush with strong water with no problems.
  • We ensure the print on every bottle is of the highest quality. They won’t fade over time like other printed bottles.
  • Other bottles are prone to discoloration. Not ours. 64Hydro bottles are made to be used, and still look great.

4. No Fingerprints

A bottle on a table
  • It may surprise you, but our high quality plastic bottles are fingerprint proof. Even with wet or greasy hands, you almost never see fingerprints on our bottles.
  • You can even use our bottles directly after eating food without the fear of getting fingerprints all over it.

5. Non Slip

A woman holding a bottle walking to her car
  • Another surprising feature is the texture of our plastic bottle ensures it remains non-slip.
  • No matter how heavy the liquid inside is, you can confidently hold it with one hand and drink easily with our smart opener.

6. Does Not Hurt Your Teeth

A woman drinking water from her bottle
  • With a straw on the bottle cap, it’s easy to drink your fill.
  • Plastic is much softer than steel, so you won’t hurt your mouth or teeth. Our plastic bottles provide a much more comfortable drink experience. 

We Take Your Safety Seriously

You are totally safe with your choice of 64Hydro plastic water bottles. BPA-Free. No nasty chemicals. Designed for ease of use. Long-lasting and quality plastic will look great long after other bottles have faded.

Get a bottle for you and anyone else you know. They make great gifts that will be appreciated. 

We love feedback on our bottles, so if you have any suggestions you think could improve them, we want to hear from you.

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