How Dehydration Significantly Weakens Our Brain

Dehydration is a serious state for your body to be in. Your brain relies on you taking in enough water to enable it to function efficiently. When you are dehydrated, multiple problems occur that you need to address.

1. Memory loss

As dehydration increases, your brain begins to limit functions. Memory is less important than motor function, so it is one of the first things your brain limits. You need to drink water throughout the day in manageable amounts.

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2. Poor cognitive function

Tasks that require simple coordination become difficult when you’re dehydrated. Because your brain requires hydration to function, dehydration causes it difficulty to coordinate movements and thought. Add foods that support brain function into your water like blueberries and oranges.

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3. Brain fog

Combining the two listed problems above, brain fog is a general confusion, affecting your ability to concentrate and maintain tasks and remember things. To limit brain fog, implement a long term hydration habit. You need to drink water in consistent quantities every day, not just when you feel thirsty.

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4. Dementia

Studies show dehydration speeds up cognitive decline. It makes sense given your brain requires hydration to function, so long-term dehydration has long term negative health effects. Develop a life-long, consistent hydration habit now to avoid irreversible problems later on.

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Avoid Brain Fog and Memory Loss

Brain fog is a common symptom of dehydration, so we’ll look further into it. Your brain is one of the first organs to be affected by dehydration. You will be confused, unable to think clearly, and completing simple tasks gets harder the more you get dehydrated.

Memory will be an issue because your brain struggles to function in a dehydrated state. In fact, your brain is so sensitive to hydration, a mere 2% dehydration will affect its ability to perform.

You can yoyo between being hydrated and dehydrated if you don’t drink throughout the day. Gulping large glasses of water irregularly doesn’t work. You need to drink small amounts regularly throughout the day.

How To Prevent Brain Fog

Your brain capacity is severely diminished when you become dehydrated. The way I avoid brain fog is to have a portable bottle with me all the time. It reminds me to drink water before I get thirsty. Drinking regularly is key to hydration.

You can infuse the water with flavors to make it more palatable if you don’t feel like plain water, or if you decide you want variety throughout the day. Infusing water can make it more effective by adding nutrients assisting your body to hydrate.

You need a quality bottle designed to remind you to hydrate regularly and a regime to keep you motivated.

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Avoid Dehydration Headaches

Your brain is about 80% water and it shrinks slightly as it dehydrates, pulling away from your skull. The pain this causes is a dehydration headache.

Dehydration slows the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, making the headache worse. It is usually accompanied by a dry mouth, fatigue, and an increase in blood pressure. Physical activity makes it worse, and even turning your head causes pain.

How To Prevent Dehydration Headaches

Prevention is the best course of action. If your mouth is dry, and you are suffering from brain fog or a headache, you are already dehydrated.

Don’t drink too much in one go. Your body will only absorb a small amount of water at a time, so gulping down large glasses in response to dehydration will leave you feeling bloated, nauseous, and you may vomit up the excessive amount of fluid.

If you find yourself dehydrated, sip small amounts of water regularly, or suck on an ice cube. Your body will hydrate within about three hours.

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Hydration Is Integral To Long Term Health

If you want to maintain long-term health and function at an optimum level, you must stay hydrated. Once you feel the effects of dehydration, your performance is already limited.

Invest in a portable water bottle that not only reminds you to drink small amounts regularly but also enables you to take it anywhere you go.

Dehydration leads to short-term memory loss and impaired cognitive function . Your performance becomes subpar and you damage your body because it relies on hydration to perform optimally.

Preventing dehydration in the first place beats trying to hydrate when it’s too late.

Hydrate and optimal performance is yours.