Infused Water: Natural Way to Eliminate Stinky Morning Breath

Nothing is better than waking up in the morning fresh as a rose. You stretch your arms, open your eyes, and think how great this morning is. Then it hits you. That awful taste on your tongue and toxic breath that seriously reeks. It's quite a buzzkill, isn't it?

What's the Science Behind Stinky Morning Breath?

Having a bad morning breath is very common for many of us, and you should not be ashamed of it. There are a lot of reasons why breath in the morning smells so bad. One of the most common reasons is dry mouth, tooth decay, and bad oral hygiene.

But what do we mean behind the dry mouth? Well, saliva is your most potent weapon against bacteria in your mouth. During the night, your glands do not produce enough saliva, and in case you are one of those who snore and breathe through the mouth during sleep well, you are screwed.

How Can I Fight It?

Don't despair, my friend.

Halitosis (a fancy sciency name for bad breath) is easy to cure. First, maintain your oral hygiene on a high level, that means brush your teeth and tongue regularly and make sure you brush them at least two minutes.

But what if I tell you that you can enhance your breath by drinking infused water?

Let me explain this to you quickly. The water will keep your mouth moist and prevent dry mouth from occurring overnight. But the combination of herbs and fruit from infused water will fight bacteria, since it will create an acidic environment that is not suitable for them to thrive in.

5 Natural Infused Water Combos That Will End The Embarrassment

There is no need to explain how many benefits of drinking infused water will have on your overall health. The main reason I started with this habit is to cut on sugar intake from sodas and juices.

But what I did not expect is that this water will almost eliminate my lousy morning breath. Here I will leave my top 5 recipes, and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Infused Water Recipes

Orange + Kiwi + Strawberry

A bottle of Orange, Kiwi and Strawberry Water

This infused water is a killer machine for bacteria in your mouth. All of these ingredients are very high on vitamin C, and as I already said, the acidic environment is not suitable for bacteria to grow. So slice up two oranges, three kiwis, and a handful of strawberries and add it in your daily dose of water. Let it chill overnight, and it is good to go.

Blackberry + Sage

A bottle of Blackberry and Sage Water

This combination is super tasty, and it looks fancy since blackberries will color your water in light purple and green leaves will make it look vibrant. So we all know that sage is excellent for the breath; many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes have it as the main ingredient. The sage will fight the bacteria and keep the breath fresh, while the blackberries will make your mouth more acidic and prevent the growth of the bacteria.

Kiwi + Cinnamon

A bottle of Kiwi and Cinnamon Water

Sounds yummy, right? It is yummier than you can imagine. For this great drink, you will need two large kiwis and three cinnamon sticks. Add it to the water pitch, leave it in the fridge overnight, and enjoy it in the morning. Kiwi will add some nice amounts of vitamin C to your water, while cinnamon will add some essential oils that are great in killing off bacteria.

Green Tea + Mint + Lime

A glass of Green Tea with Mint and Lime

My absolute favorite infused water includes green tea, mint and lime. This combination has helped to soothe my headaches and is an excellent breath freshener. Being a potent antioxidant, green tea helps cleanse and rinse off the bacteria from your mouth. It will also help you get rid of toxins in your body, giving you a refreshing feeling throughout the day.

Apple + Basil

A jar of Apple and Basil Water

An apple a day ... keeps bad breath away. Like tea, apples contain polyphenols which act as detergents and anti-microbial agents. The high fiber content plus the encouraging of saliva production makes apples one of the top natural breath fresheners out there. While basil contains polyphenols, natural chemicals that studies have shown work as bad-breath remedies, it's also heavy on chlorophyll — nature’s internal deodorizer. Add basil into your water bottle to reap the benefits of their odor-neutralizing properties.

Let's Fight Of The Bad Breath Blues

We've all been there, and no matter how good your oral hygiene is, the bad breath will still sneak in and ruin your moment. But with this quick fix, that should not be a problem anymore. Just pack your favorite infused water and take it whenever you leave your home.