3 Common Showering Mistakes That Will Cause Acne

Like most people, you may think that when you get in the shower, you will come out squeaky clean. But, did you know, there are some mistakes that you can make in the shower that cause you acne ?

Can you believe it? Who knew the shower had pitfalls negative to the health and condition of your skin? Most people think as long as they wash, their skin will be okay.

Our skin is our biggest organ of the body, and it absorbs everything we put on it. Because of this, we all have to wash to stay hygienic.

If we avoid the common mistakes below, our skin will stay healthy and be in optimum condition to avoid acne.

Let’s see what those four mistakes are so you can avoid them.

3 Common Shower Mistakes

1. Showering With a Dirty Sponge

A soap bar and a sponge

Germs are invisible to the naked eye, but they are there all the time. Often, when you finish using your sponge in the shower, it’s left in the moist environment of the bathroom. This is when mold and bacteria can form, and you’ll never know until your skin starts to break out. You won’t see the mold or bacteria on your sponge, but it will appear and grow very fast.

To avoid getting acne and other skin conditions from your sponge, clean and dry it thoroughly each day, or replace it after each use if you use a face cloth or sponge that can be put in the laundry.

2. Your Shower Temperature Is Too Hot

A woman showering

We all love a hot shower or soaking in the hot tub. It relaxes our muscles and makes us feel good, both physically and mentally. The problem is, bathing and showering in water that is very hot will dry your skin out. This dryness can affect you in two ways.

First, your skin will produce more oils to compensate for the dryness. This oiliness can cause acne, blocked pores and other avoidable issues.

Second, the pores of your skin will expand in very hot temperatures. This change in the pores will continue when you’re out of the bath while your skin temperature remains elevated. Germs and bacteria can easily penetrate and attack your skin from the inside.

Keep the water temperature warm, to avoid drying your skin out with very hot showers.

3. You Shower Too Often

A woman showering

Yes, that is a thing. Your skin has a natural barrier that can be disrupted by showering too much. When the protective barrier is disrupted, bacteria and dirt will enter your pores and cause irritation and acne.

Nasty pollutants from your environment can also enter through damaged skin barriers. Remember, whether your skin is in good or bad condition, it will absorb what touches it.

Similar to extreme water temperatures when showering, your skin will dry out if you shower too often. That dryness will cause more oil production, and acne loves to play in an oily environment.

So how often should you shower? If you need a shower, then have one once a day. Many dermatologists say that if you don’t need a shower every day, then forget it and have one another day. It all depends on your day’s activity and whether you’re actually dirty and in need of a shower.

Skin that is irritated, dry or too oily is the environment acne and other skin conditions thrive in. Consider the 3 mistakes above when you’re showering so you don’t end up with acne.

Do you follow the advice above and have the same washing routine? If you don’t, consider following the guidelines to keep your skin healthy, acne free and with no irritation.

A woman showering


  • Use a clean sponge.
  • Avoid showering in water that’s too hot.
  • Don’t shower too often to avoid dry skin

Your skin is the only one you have, and it’s a great protector if it’s in optimal condition.