How Having This Simple Water Bottle Can Make Your Skin Glow

You probably have heard this a few times — drinking enough water will improve your health.

Even though we are barraged with such messages in the media, we are not paying enough attention to them. Many often say that they are committing to drinking enough water every day but not actually doing it. It's like an endless cycle.

Water is the building foundation of our system. So why are we not consuming it enough? 

Today I'll try to answer that question and provide one surprisingly good solution. Stay tuned!

What Happens When You're Dehydrated?

A man with hangover

Remember your last hangover

Imagine that feeling, but without sickness. 

That's what physically happens with your body when you're not hydrated. Being thirsty is not the single reason & a “notification” that you need water. When you get thirsty, it is the natural response from your body to dehydration. This means hydration level is already low, and you need a refill, fast.

Staying hydrated will bring many benefits to our bodies and overall health. When talking about hydration, our skin is where we'll notice the signs first. When not hydrated enough, you'll notice it on your elbows, palms & fingers, your face, and more. If you’re not hydrated, you can almost certainly kiss your desired good-looking skin goodbye.

Keeping your daily intake of water will remove these symptoms and provide a glowing effect, smoothness, and elasticity we all desire. It's relatively easy to do, yet many don't stay on track. Let's dig deeper into the problem.

Why is It Hard to Stay Hydrated?

A man drinking water

The problem of not enough hydration lies in our psychology (same as with every other healthy habit) — we need motivation for it. We are all aware that we need a given amount of water every day, and that our body will suffer without it. 

When the negative effects of dehydration start showing on your body, your motivation will go higher for sure (we all don’t want negative effects), but won’t stay like this forever. That’s where the other two parts of the equation come in; Ability & Triggers. (More about them soon.)

So, how to keep the motivation high? 

Well, there are a lot of ways to be motivated, and various people respond to motivation differently. For some, the negative effect of dehydration & negative consequences are often quite enough — we all want our brown skin to glow. 

On the other hand, striving for perfect health (and that Instagram-worthy glow) is what motivates other gals to keep it hydrated at all times. The drive & desire to reach that status is something that these persons enjoy in and usually do alongside much other stuff to look (& feel) incredible. 

The genuine question is — what’s for you, and the only one who can answer that is YOU. 

Now let’s get back to the other two parts of the hydration game:

Ability & The Impact

Being able to perform the positive habit that you’re trying to instill in your life will bring you much closer to goal completion. 

Let’s say you need to drink 11 cups of water (around 2.7 liters) per day. On average, you spend your day in three locations; home, work, and transportation. So, to enable yourself to drink more water and reach your goal, you need to have water in visible places, always available for you. 

  • When talking home, I suggest having a big jug or a pitcher in your living room, with a few glasses right next to it for picking up
  • When commuting, you can always have a small carrying a bottle in your bag (or mounted to it)
  • While working, you can have a pitcher or a bowl of water at your desk (or whatever your workspace is — no exceptions, though)

Often, people find the reason not to drink water enough in not liking the taste . To counter this, you can ‘enhance’ the water you’re drinking with various fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, there’s coconut water, sparkling water, & various flavored water products to use to enhance the taste. 

Triggers & The Psychology Behind Them

When trying to instill a positive habit (drinking more water in this case), you need triggers that you’ll associate with your habit process. 

We are habitual creatures — you would be amazed if you’d observe — almost everything we do daily is connected to a habit of some sort. Waking up/going to sleep, the way we dress/undress, tie our shoelaces… It goes on and on — we do these things on autopilot without even thinking. 

That’s when triggers come into play — small things that remind us to do the thing we want or don’t do the thing we don’t want. When speaking about our water intake, that means:

  • Putting a glass of water on frequent places
  • Setting up reminders to drink water (there’re a ton of apps to do that)
  • Having sticky notes everywhere to remind you — drink water! 
  • Having a tracker bottle specially designed for you

Combining these factors will surely help you develop the habit of drinking more water every day. You just need to commit to it and accept any help along the way. 

Enter 64Hydro Afro-American Tracker Bottles

A person holding two water bottles

We had a long researching process on how to solve issues connected with hydration while being practical and looking amazing. 

That’s when these beautiful bottles came into play: 

They are of perfect size

With 32 oz  (~1liter) capacity, you’re going to meet your everyday goal with just one refill!

They feature tracking segments

Every 64Hydro Bottle has Time & Quantity labels for you to track the daily intake. Carrying it with you will ensure you’re on track every time.

They motivate through powerful quotes

Finally, looking at your 64Hydro bottle will surely motivate you to stay on track. Each bottle has a powerful quote that can give you an inspiration to stay hydrated every day!

Here’re 5 (of the many available) Designs Tailored to Follow Your Sass:

1. Beauty & Light

A person holding two water bottles

The design on both sides is paired for aesthetic pleasure & your motivation. For all beauties who know real values!

A person holding two water bottles

For every black queen who’s not scared to show some bling-bling! 

A person holding two bottles

Embrace your inner Queen and radiate with health & beautiful skin glow!

A person holding two bottles

Sassy & you know it? Don’t give up — keep it up! 

A person holding two bottles

No Queen should bow or cry - but every Queen should have that healthy glow!

Getting Healthier & Hydrated Has Never Been Easier

Even though the benefits of drinking enough water every day are well known, many aren’t drinking enough, jeopardizing their health. And like I’ve stated before, YOUR SKIN will show signs of dehydration first. 

With a 64Hydro Bottle, you’ll be able to keep the motivation to drink enough water every day while looking amazing! You’re one step away!