5 Ways To Wake Up In The Morning Without Being Tired

In the modern era, as a woman, I have to work hard and take care of my family at the same time. Multi-tasking is unavoidable, I feel exhausted every time and always lack sleep, which wears me out.

Having a meeting that I’m not ready for, going camping while my eyes are about to shut, all make me frustrated. Looking into the mirror, I find myself looking like a zombie with dark circles and messy hair.

Tired of being tired, I began to find the causes and methods to solve my morning problem. I kept searching and finally, I found just the right things. After following these tips, my morning has become greater than ever. I can feel the energy flowing through my bloodstream.

Where Does Tiredness Come From?

Sleep Deprivation

An woman yawning

Tiredness in the morning can be caused by not having enough sleep, which is the result of the amount of caffeine you intake, anxiety, and stress.

You lie in bed, worrying and feeling anxious, which makes it almost impossible to relax your mind to fall asleep. That’s also why people who suffer from chronic stress sleep less, have poorer sleep quality, and find it harder to function well during the day.

Sleep Inertia

An woman turning off alarm clock

Sleep inertia, that groggy feeling when you wake up, can contribute to exhaustion. Sleep inertia usually appears right after you wake up, and it often lasts for 15-60 minutes. During this time, your motor and cognitive function haven’t fully performed, which makes you tired and slows you down. Sleep inertia also reduces the quality of activities that need focusing.

Sleep inertia results from sleep deprivation and surprise awakening. If you lack the time to prepare for the morning, you will experience this phenomenon. By that time, you will be likely to face these symptoms: lethargy, fatigue, and lacking attention.

How To Wake Up In The Morning Without Being Tired?

It’s all about changing your habits to achieve wonderful results.

1. Avoid drinking caffeine before sleeping

A tired woman sitting by the window

As you all know, caffeine can keep you awake. It significantly reduces your sleep quality and quantity. Furthermore, caffeine is a stimulant, so it can block sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increase adrenaline levels in your body. So it’s not surprising that you keep staying awake.

My daytime was spent looking after my babies. I usually had to work until late, so that’s why I drank a lot of coffee at night. Now, I cut down on my coffee intake and go to sleep right after my body calls for it.

2. Go to the toilet before sleeping

A woman going to toilet

Before bed, most of you would love to spend time reading books, watching TV, or just chatting with your friends on social media. But do you know that the bladder tends to be full during your sleeping time because the kidneys will continue to work throughout the night?

Going to the toilet before sleeping is necessary because if you don’t, there’s a chance that you will suddenly wake up in the early hours of the morning. At that time, your sleep is disturbed, so you’ll be very tired in the morning because of the interruption.

So, even if you don’t want to, taking a pee before bed is not to be missed for better sleep. 

3. Stop hitting snooze in the morning

An woman hitting snooze button on her phone

The snooze button on top of your alarm clock literally messes up your sleep cycle.

When your alarm goes off again, your body and brain are confused, resulting in that foggy feeling called sleep inertia. Sleep inertia can stay with you throughout your day, making you actually more tired.

I used to hit snooze 5 times in the morning because an extended 5-minute-sleep is always the best. And since smacking that button is so easy, I just continued hitting it until I already wasted an hour of productivity. Now, I place my phone out of reach to force myself to get out of bed. After that, I do a daily washing routine and get prepared for my day.

4. Stretch out with yoga

An woman doing yoga

Just so you know, yoga has many benefits. You have to use every part of your body to pose. This can help stretch your muscles, refresh your mind, and keep you in tip-top condition.

Morning yoga is essential for me. I did lots of research to find out the yoga pose that I can do in bed, just to save time. No matter how busy I am, I always try to spend around 10 minutes every morning stretching out.

Take a short morning yoga to boost your energy and brain function.

5. Drink a glass of water

A person drinking a glass of water

Tiredness can result from dehydration , it also triggers the feeling of sleepiness. Water increases our red blood cell counts and also increases the oxygen we receive to the brain. The increase in oxygen will create more energy so you can start your morning off right.

Drink a glass of water to kick-start your body and help you feel instantly alert in the morning.

Wrap Up

Waking up and feeling pumped for the entire day, isn’t that great? You can do so much for your overall well-being by paying attention to your daily routine.